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Playbook selected Parallel 9 to help drive paid acquisitions at scale through Facebook & Instagram advertising. Playbook empowers fitness creators to build and grow their own subscription business and gets fans access to a highly curated health and wellness experience.

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The Goal

Drive paid subscriptions to fitness creators' Apps

Playbook app

The Challenge

The Playbook App team had never experimented with paid advertising before. Up to this point, they were partnering up with fitness creators and utilised their influence on their social audience to drive traffic to their sales pages. Although this was a great source to generate conversions, it wasn't scalable. Getting paid advertising into the mix was the next order of business.

At the same time, as their business model didn't allow for big margins on a per users basis, we had to make sure we acquired users both profitably as well as on high volumes.

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Our Approach

We first took a closer look at the business and its unit economics. Our goal was to gain clarity over what a profitable acquisition meant in terms of CPA and LTV metrics. This is hugely important when it comes to subscription businesses as profits will most probably won't be made on the first sale.

We then teamed up with some of Playbook's strongest fitness creators to work on their paid acquisition funnel. These included Ruba Ali, Melissa Alcantara, Devon Levesque, Michelle Khare, Morgan Olson, and many others. After understanding the market and their unique positioning into the fitness space, we were ready to work on our ad content and media buying strategy.

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Jeff Krahel, Founder & CEO at Playbook

Having a steady stream of ad creatives to test and scale is a pain point for many advertising businesses. Fortunately, we were able to take advantage the creators' experience using social media, so we had plenty of creatives to work with. Together, we planned and executed various ad content plans creating sale specific video ad content to effectively capture users' attention and generate clicks.

One of the challenges we faced with our buying media strategy, was that many creators we worked with, hadn't run any Facebook Ads in the past. This meant that their Facebook Pixels didn't have any historical data to use for optimising our new campaigns. This is one of the main reasons why we decided to split our ad efforts in 2 phases. We first launched a strong retargeting ad framework converting the warmest audiences of our funnel with an average between 5-6 ROAS across all ad accounts. That way, we were able to populate rich data into our pixels. We then moved on to cold audiences with much more confidence.

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The Results

Since launching our creator paid acquisition funnels, we've seen a continuous increase on all our KPIs being profitable from day one.

2021 AdSpend



$0-$207,760in 3 months