We help DTC brands unlock hyper-profitable growth opportunities and get to 6 figure months

...by using marketing data, social advertising and back-end funnels.

We get it! Growing a business is messy and super-hard. We are here to make things easier, less painful and a whole lot more fun.

And yes, we are not afraid to show you live our results on a call. Isn’t that better than manipulated “case studies” and edited testimonials?

How do we get you to 6-figure months

Here at Parallel 9, we do things differently. We accelerate your growth using [system name]™, our proprietary 7 stage system that we’ve used to scale DTC brands to 6-figure months again, and again, and again…

At this stage, we are gathering fundamental information on your business. We are looking to understand your product, market sophistication & awareness levels, target goals, ad budgets and profit margins.

We are a “numbers” driven agency. We don’t base our marketing on feel-good ideas. That is why we take a deep dive into your numbers so that we can determine your business’ unit economics. This is crucial, in order for us to understand when do we break-even and what is the minimum ROAS target we need to hit in order to make profits for your business.

If you’ve been running marketing in the past few months, your analytics is most likely a gold mine of information. Here we are breaking down your existing data and drawing meaningful conclusions on what audiences, messages, creatives, and user flows work and what on the other hand needs to be improved.

There are two ways to make money. Find and sell to new customers, or sell more to existing ones. At this stage we will plan how we will tackle both your acquisition strategy and back-end funnel. In other words, how we will acquire more customers and how we will maximise profits using our existing customer base. This is where advertising, email & sms harmoniously create beautiful marketing systems.

Spoil alert… There is no silver bullet strategy. There isn’t one thing that you will do and that will magically make things work. A business that doesn’t test many and new ideas, is a business that will eventually fail. Testing and optimising is and should be a continuous cycle that never ends. Using our planning framework, we tackle testing across the 5 big eCom marketing areas and prioritise activities based on the ICE framework.

– Audience targeting
– Message & creative
– Store conversion rates
– Average order value (AOV)
– Repeat-purchase rate & LTV

All previous phases exist to lead us here. Once we validate our funnel strategy, this is where we thrive with our brand partners as we explode their growth potential. 

Not everything that we do will be able to scale. In fact most tests will likely fail at first and that is OK! We follow a 6-step method to achieve repeatable growth. We brainstorm, hypothesize, prioritize, run experiments, analyze results and we scale or iterate depending on results.

Our team works with purposeful brands such as:

How can we help

We only care about two things: getting qualified traffic and being able to convert it. Those two principles guide everything that we do.

Paid Social

Boost your bottom line using data analysis, hyper-targeting campaigns and beautiful creatives.

Email & SMS

Initiate conversations, engage users and increase repeat purchase rate.


Stop leaving money on the table every single day by testing and optimizing your user flows.

Paid Search

Leverage the power of search intention and increase sales by showing up at the right user and at the right time.

Are you ready for better performance out of your marketing?

Grab your notebook, coffee and hop on a call with our team. We will audit your business’ marketing for free and give you actionable advice that otherwise you would get charged for.