Playbook is a subscription-based platform for fitness creators. Influencers, athletes, yogis and trainers get the tools they need to grow their businesses – and their fans get unlimited access to a library of health and wellness content. We partnered with the brand to help them drive subscriptions through Meta Ads.

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The challenge

The Playbook App team had never experimented with paid advertising before. Up to this point, they were relying on fitness creators (and their social influence) to drive traffic to sales pages. Although this was great for generating conversions, it wasn't scalable.

They wanted to bring paid ads into the mix. But their business model didn't allow for big margins on a per users basis, so it was vital that we acquire high numbers of users as profitably as possible.

The solution

First, we needed to figure out what a profitable acquisition meant in terms of CPA and LTV metrics. This is hugely important when it comes to subscription businesses, as it’s unlikely that profits will be made on the first sale.

Then, we teamed up with some of Playbook's strongest fitness creators to work on their paid acquisition funnel. These included Ruba Ali, Melissa Alcantara, Devon Levesque, Michelle Khare, Morgan Olson, and many others.

We were able to take advantage of the creators' experience using social media, so we had plenty of creatives to work with. However, because many creators hadn't run Meta Ads in the past, it meant that their Meta pixels didn't have any historical data that would enable us to optimise our new campaigns.

We decided to split our ad efforts in two phases. We first launched a strong retargeting ad framework converting the warmest audiences of our funnel with an average of 5 ROAS across all ad accounts. That way, we were able to capture data for our pixels. Then, we could start targeting the cold audiences with confidence.

The results

By understanding the fitness space and utlising the experience of Playbook’s fitness creators, we were able to implement a strategy that’s been profitable since day one.

$207,760Meta attributed revenue in 3 months
4Return on ad spend
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