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Paid social advertising, email and SMS marketing for eCommerce businesses

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Parallel 9

We're a group of marketing, design and data experts that will help you attract the right customers - and retain them, too.

$21,500,000 2022 AdSpend
$56,000,000 2022 Revenue Generated

What can we do for you

We only care about two things: qualified traffic and our ability to convert it. Those two principles guide everything that we do.


Social advertising

We use killer acquisition strategies to increase your bottom line. Plus, we continuously test, analyse and optimise your social accounts.


Ad creatives

We create attention-grabbing content that’s guaranteed to get clicks. Our ability to deeply understand audiences and create relevant content that is “born” from the market, not just “pushed” to the market, is the reason behind our success.


Email and SMS marketing

We use email and SMS marketing to engage users, drive conversions, and increase repeat purchase rates. If email and SMS don't count for at least 20% of your revenue, we need to talk.

Faster than an in-house team. Better results, too.

The way we work is transparent, creative, and beyond all, collaborative. Just think of us as an extension of your team.

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A formula that
actually adds up

Here at Parallel 9, we do things differently. We accelerate your growth using tried-and-tested techniques that we’ve used to scale brands to 6-figure months again, and again, and again...

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Analysis and diagnosis

We take a closer look at your margins, your customers, your competitors, and your marketing funnels. We want to understand everything surrounding your business.

Foundational strategy

We use our 7 eCom pillars to give you a complete marketing makeover. We'll re-work your messaging, positioning, creative, landing pages, and ad strategy. You name it, we have a process for it.

Fine-tuning economics

We'll fine-tune your strategy to reduce your CAC, decrease buying cycles, increase conversion rates and maximise the lifetime value of your customers.

Profitable scaling

We use paid advertising and diversification to drive your brand closer to its revenue goals and grow your profit potential.

  • are focused on real results.
  • are obsessed with data.
  • don’t waste time.

We don’t sell you our hours.

We deliver business outcomes.