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Parallel 9 is a modern consulting agency that transforms how businesses sell online with a ROI-first approach.

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We turn traffic into leads and sales…

on autopilot

We never talk about Impressions, CTR and all the intangible “fancy” metrics.

We care about Return on Investment (ROI).

Co-Founder, Dimitris Lambides
Feed your funnels with qualified users
Social Ads

We utilize Facebook and Instagram ads to “feed” our funnels with a steady stream of highly qualified users.

We make sure to maximize our conversion by following up with timely and compelling content retargeting users cross-platform everywhere they go online.

Creating proven systems
Email & SMS Marketing

We create a system that converts traffic into leads and ultimately customers.

Our approach is heavily based on human psychology, generating long-lasting relationships rather than regular promotions with fake scarcity.

Result driven advertising
Here is how we are able to generate leads and sales on demand.

The message

We first dive into your niche and craft a message that lights up the prospect like a Christmas tree.

We focus on one person, one problem and one market! We uncover their buying beliefs and map them on your content sequence.


The funnel

Next, we give you a complete marketing makeover. We create an irresistible series of offers, re-write your landing pages, set up your marketing automation and email flows, craft beautiful ads that get those “clicks” and transform your targeting efforts.

As a result, your website becomes full of users ready to pull out their credit cards.

However, we don’t stop there. Once we get your initial sales, we dial in the economics. We fine-tune the machine. Such that we reduce your acquisition costs while increasing the lifetime value of your customers.



At this point, it’s only a matter of efficient scaling!

We scale your campaigns while keeping your acquisition costs down. Within months… you will have a constant, high stream of customers converting at a high profit.

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Our highly skilled team with over a decade of experience bring a plathora of certifications with it. This allows Parallel 9 to utilize the tools needed to carry out the right processes for your project.