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The Wood Veneer Hub (WVH) is one of the biggest online retailers of sustainably-sourced real wood products. We partnered with the brand back in late 2022, using a combination of paid ads, email and SMS marketing to drive sales across the UK and US. Plus, we helped WVH team pull off their best Black Friday sale ever.

  • Meta Ads
  • Performance Creative
  • Email & SMS
The challenge

High-quality, sustainably sourced materials mean a higher price point. And although WVH receives a number of repeat purchases and orders through trade accounts, it’s likely that the average customer will only make a one-off purchase.

The team had run Black Friday campaigns before, but the results were mixed. As market leaders, they didn’t want to heavily discount their products. Plus, they were sceptical of using channels like SMS to drive high-value orders during a sale period that’s usually associated with impulse purchases.

All of this meant carefully planning around pre-sales activity, how best to communicate with users throughout the campaign, and the Black Friday offer itself.

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The solution

In the 4-week run-up to the sale, we used Meta and Google Ads to capture new subscribers. We increased the sign-up rate for email and SMS from 0.6% to 3.7%. And, when the early access email and SMS went out to the already warm database, the brand had a huge influx of orders.

WVH already had automated email and SMS journeys in place for cart abandonment, browse abandonment and new subscribers. But by incorporating Black Friday messaging into the existing journeys, the team saw conversion rates of those journeys soar by an average of 23%.

We created a tiered Black Friday offer, which meant the more the customer spent, the more they’d save. All of this was communicated to users through SMS, email and paid ads, and the average order value increased by 60% overall.

Even though the sale had a set end date, we extended the discounts for one more day to capture any last orders. This final push paid off, as the revenue generated on the last day of the sale amounted to more than 10% of the total revenue from the entire Black Friday campaign.

The results

WVH’s 2022 Black Friday sale was the brand’s most successful campaign to date. It was even featured by SMS platform, Attentive, as one of their best practice success stories.

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